Conditions for immigration to Germany 2021


Conditions for immigration to Germany 2021

Conditions for immigration to Germany 2021, Immigration to Germany is rarely due to the difficult conditions experienced by the Arab peoples. It was said that employment opportunities within your country have become thinking about immigration outside your country in order to obtain a better material and social level, especially since many Arab countries are facing some economic problems, and are considered Immigration to Germany 219 has become one of the best countries that many young people are looking for, and from here we will provide you with a realistic explanation of all the conditions and documents required for an opportunity to immigrate, work or reside in Germany.


Immigration to Germany

Immigration to Germany must first be contacted with an office near your place of residence in your country in order to communicate with the competent German authorities and to know the available fields of work and the most suitable with the qualifications of the applicant, and that this person speaks fluent German and is not of all kinds.


This condition is considered one of the most important conditions, and it cannot be tolerated because no person can continue to work in Germany without being familiar with the German language, whatever qualifications he applies for, to provide all the practical and scientific qualifications he has, to know the extent to which the equivalency system can be applied In Germany, she must provide all professional qualifications, if any, to determine the type of work suitable for him.


What are the conditions required to work in Germany?

An applicant with an immigrant visa to Germany must:

  • That he has some of the necessary skills that facilitate the process of his affairs in finding what suits him of work, as those with educational qualifications have good luck, as they have priority and preference among applicants, so we explain to you the most important conditions and skills required to acquire a job.
  • Submit the university qualification certificate or its equivalent, along with the professional qualification document.
  • It is recommended, before submitting the certificate, that the German certificate be equalized + ensure that the certificate is equivalent to the certificate.
  • Your passport must be valid.
  • A number of personal photos and they must have been taken recently, and the photo size must be 3 in. It must be very clear.
  • The photograph must be without glasses that hide the eyes, and the glasses that can be allowed are what show the eyes without any effects.
  • Veiled women have no problem with that, provided that the photo shows the entire face.
  • Provide proof that you have a place to live in after arriving in Germany, such as a house rental contract in Germany, and this can be helped by one of your acquaintances in Germany, or you can ask the tourism offices where they help in finding this.
  • Submit proof that you have obtained a work contract in Germany or a certificate from an employer in Germany proving that he wants to hire him for you, and it must have been approved by the Federal Employment Agency in Germany.
  • The person must provide comprehensive medical insurance recognized in Germany.
  • Submit a work application form in Germany with what was mentioned in the previous points.


What are the documents required for a visa to search for in Germany?

  • A valid passport (more than 6 months).
  • Two biometric photos.
  • A copy of all pages of your passport (with previous visas provided if any)
  • Application for a long-term visa.
  • Answer the following form (it contains personal questions only) Click here. All you have to do is download it and answer it.
  • A curriculum vitae of the applicant consisting of his professional path, certificates obtained.
  • Your diploma or a diploma recognized in Germany (you must refer to the aforementioned website to see if it is recognized or not).
  • A motivational letter stating the job you are looking for and the reasons that made you choose it.
  • An address in Germany to show where you live, is it a hotel, a house.
  • Demonstrate financial ability and must have a bank account of 4,500 euros and above to immigrate to Germany.


How to pass the interview in order to obtain a visa to search for work in Germany?

  • After collecting these documents and making an appointment with the embassy, ​​you will conduct an interview with the employee supervising the interview and you must convince him that you deserve to go to Germany in order to look for work
  • The beauty of this type of visa is that a language diploma is not required, which makes the procedures a little easier
  • On the day of the interview, the employee will speak to you in German, French, or English.


Can I stay in Germany permanently?

  • Staying in Germany permanently is of course one of the most important advantages and benefits of obtaining permanent residence in Germany.
  • After obtaining permanent residence in Germany, you will not have to leave Germany due to the expiry of your residence.
  • And you can stay, enter and exit Germany without the need to leave and enter with new residency and procedures until obtaining citizenship. You can open your own project and you can benefit from all the investment rights in Germany like all citizens in Germany.


Immigration to Germany through white marriage in Germany

  • A sham or white marriage takes place in Germany, for the purpose of mutual interest, between the German partner and the non-German partner.
  • The non-German partner aims to obtain residence in Germany, and then obtain German citizenship.
  • And the German partner's primary purpose is to get money only, in exchange for marrying the non-German partner.
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