Conditions for studying in America 2021


Conditions for studying in America 2021

Conditions for studying in America 2021, American universities are among the most famous educational institutions in the world, and they are also one of the largest internationally recognized universities, unlike some other universities, so most students from different destinations in the world wish to enroll in their universities in order to study there, and from The most famous American universities Harvard University, Columbia University, Duke University, Jones University and the University of California, and below we will address all the information about the requirements for admission to American universities.


What are the admission requirements for American universities?

There are four conditions for admission to American universities, which are:


First: The student applying to study at the university must obtain a (high school certificate) or what is known as (Equivalency Diploma-High School) or (H.S.D certificate).


Second: The student must pass the (TOFEL) or (IELTS) test, which is one of the most prominent tests for measuring the level of the English language and its proficiency, but they are two distinct tests that cannot be passed easily without a careful study of the language, and that is why some American universities grant students in other universities some scholarships education to pass and finish one of those tests.


Third: The student must have proof of financial ability, as the nature of studying in American universities requires paying an amount of money on an annual basis. The student must prove his ability to pay the costs of the study by submitting a document proving that he has a bank account or what is known as (Financial Statement).


Fourth: American universities require the availability of some documents to complete graduate studies, as they require a curriculum vitae and a research plan for the subject of study, in addition to the student providing a certificate of experience in the field in which he would like to complete graduate studies and a letter of recommendation from one of the teachers and professors whom he taught before.


What are the most important papers required for admission to American universities?

  • A high school diploma (Equivalency Diploma-High School) in English.
  • Proof of the student's financial ability (bank account).
  • Exceptional certificates for some universities (birth certificate - health certificate).
  • Submit an application for admission to the university after filling in the information completely.
  • Four personal photos of the student wishing to join the university.
  • A copy of the student's passport.


What is the cost of studying in American universities?

At Easy Uni, we are fully aware that most students who wish to continue studying abroad, especially in the United States of America, are worried about the cost of studying and living there. So we will review together below the cost of studying in American universities.


The cost of studying in American universities is about 6000 US dollars per semester.


The cost of accommodation for the study is about 25000 US dollars annually so that the value of living in the room for one month ranges from 500 to 700 dollars per month.


As for the cost of textbooks, it amounts to about 600 US dollars, and the student needs about 4000 dollars as an annual expense so that he will be allocated 300 dollars per month.


What are the advantages of studying in American universities?

If we want to talk about the advantages of studying in American universities, we can limit those advantages to about five points, namely:


American universities have the advantage of specialization so that the student can easily choose the scientific or literary specialization he wants by taking exams, and if he can pass them, he can join them.


American universities help their students by giving them a lot of government support, as they grant them to outstanding students, and thus they can be a contribution to all scientific cadres, and there is no doubt that this is reflected in the development of the scientific level of their students.


American universities use many forms of modern technologies in education, as they avoid and avoid traditional forms of study that depend on indoctrination, but rather are keen on experiments and simulation methods to facilitate the academic content for their students.


In addition, these universities are keen to provide developed curricula and education, based on the idea of ​​modernity and experience, and the codification of many scientific studies.


American universities are considered integrated universities that contain all educational, service, and recreational facilities such as teaching halls, physical gyms, experiment halls, laboratories, and libraries.


Finally, dear student, we always promise you that you will find us on our site to help you in providing all the information related to the study and the conditions for admission to American universities, through professional services provided by a distinguished group of experienced and motivated education consultants to provide the best advisory services through which you can plan perfectly To study in America, one of the most popular educational destinations in the world.

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