How to open a bank account in Germany

How to open a bank account in Germany 

How to open a bank account in Germany Traveling to Germany is a dream for many young people as to whether these young people are traveling for enlightened purpose and earn money. We have seen that some refugees managed to settle in Germany, and they needed to open a bank balance so that they could perform all their duties and deal with German society. There are also many benefits to a non-resident bank account in Germany.


What are the benefits of opening a bank account in Germany for non-residents?

It may have the advantages of opening a bank account in Germany and you will say why do I need another account and you will know the answer in the following points:

  • If you are a student, you will first need a bank account for several reasons, the most important of which is to pay the expenses of the educational institution you entrust.
  • Secondly, you pay for the accessories you need to learn in Germany.
  • If you are in business, and you don't want anyone to see all your money and all your profits, a bank account in Germany is a must.
  • If you prefer to buy your things online from food and clothes, then the online banking account will be of great benefit to you.
  • In case you want to travel from one place to another, you can pay for your ticket online and through this bank account while you are at home.
  • If you want to apply for a job in Germany, you will need a bank account that will get your salary every month and it will be easier for you to get your salary once the salaries come out and the payment is allowed.


How to activate a bank account in Germany for non-residents

When you apply to open a bank account in Germany, you must prove your identity and this is through your passport, and this is direct with the bank in which you will open the account, and there is a bank in Germany that needs to go to the mail in order to prove your identity and identity with it It is free and free, and it is important to mention that proof of identity has become one of the easy things that you can prove through a video call with bank employees and show the face in high quality and clear, as well as show the passport in front of the camera.


Also, you do not need a lot of time to open a bank account. The account is activated in less than a week. After the account is approved and confirmed, a special message will be sent to your mobile phone number, and the PIN code will be sent in another message to facilitate account activation, Also, you must keep these codes for easy access to the account at any time.


What are the difficulties of traveling to Germany?

The Federal Republic of Germany is one of the technologically and industrially advanced countries. We note that many young people want to participate in German industry and benefit from this culture, but those who wish to travel there will face a number of difficulties, as no one travels to it except with a cash amount and not a quantity Small, and also the German visa will not be covered by a person unless that person has a bank account in Germany with a certain number of dollars to accept his entry to Germany, and you guarantee that you are not a thief or a mess there.

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