Tourism in Germany and its most beautiful places


Tourism in Germany and its most beautiful places

Tourism in Germany and its most beautiful places. Tourism in Germany is not like any other tourist places you may have visited during your tours. It is among the most attractive countries for visitors in the world. It is unique to Europe or the old continent, where there are many sites The prominent heritage, in addition to its charming and picturesque nature.


Germany is also characterized by different terrain, from the high Alps to the lush black forests, crossing the plains as well as the green areas, without forgetting the lakes, rivers, and beaches, as for the culture of its cities, it tells of a great history of extended civilization.


Geographical and climatic nature of Germany

Germany is located in the center of the European continent, and in the northern half of the continent, in particular, it is bordered on the north by Denmark, on the east by Poland and the Czech Republic, on the south by wonderful Austria and the charming state of Switzerland, and from the southwest by picturesque France and Luxembourg The charming, and from the northwest, it is bordered by the beautiful countries of Belgium and the Netherlands.


It should be noted that all the neighboring countries of Germany are tourist countries in one way or another, but what makes tourism in Germany unique on the European and international tourism level is the uniqueness that the country enjoys, whether with regard to nature, history, or the civilized category.



The city of culture Berlin, despite being the capital of Germany, is vibrant and offers a choice for its visitors; To touch the various events and activities, whether in the squares, in the wooded streets, or in its open markets and restaurants that remain open throughout the day.


It is one of the most attractive cities for visitors of different ages and classes in the world, receiving more than 7 million tourists annually, and it is ranked seventh in the world in its tourism activity. Among its most beautiful landmarks: the TV Tower, the Brandenburg Gate, and Museum Island, and Schallerlottenburg Palace.



It is the second-largest German city. Hamburg is famous for its wonderful canals and bridges. The city is famous for two things that the city's residents call it the first legend (the Great Fish Market), it is every Sunday morning on the banks of the river, and the second is those open parties every Sunday evening also in Reeperbahn Street. It is one of the most cities in the world that have consulates; Because it contains 90 consulates.


Munich (the hidden capital)

The third-largest German city, and the capital of the beautiful state of Bavaria, located in southern Germany on the Isar River, it is one of the richest German cities with its economy, and it is the center of culture and literature, visited by about three million tourists annually. Munich is one of the best destinations in Germany for tourism, And it has many important tourist places for every student of German tourism, the most important of which is: Marienplatz, which most tourists go to.



It is located in the western part of the German state of Hesse. It is the economic capital of the Germans. Frankfurt is filled with markets and shopping enthusiasts go to it. The city has many places that deserve attention and visit, including the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, as well as the Church of St. Paul, and many museums, most of which lie in the area called (Museum Quay), and this great architectural project was established along the River Main. It is also the home of the philosopher Goethe.


Hanover (exhibition grounds)

The capital of the state (Lower Saxony), which is in northern Germany on the River (Line). The city is famous for its many exhibitions, and the most famous of these exhibitions is the CeBIT exhibition, which is held annually, and it is one of the largest computer and communications exhibitions in the world. Hanover has many attractions, the Royal Herrenhausen, and the Biergarten. Also, there is the Old Town, and the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Library, which houses the historic Leibniz Letters, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.



The city lies on the Rhine, between the cities of Bonn and Düsseldorf. In western Germany, it is one of the oldest German cities. Among its landmarks is Cologne Cathedral, which dates back to the Roman era and is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. And Cologne is a great destination for buying, with a variety of places for shopping, such as Hohe Strasse, Childergasse and others. Cologne remains the most famous for carnival celebrations, cultural richness, and the abundance of churches, and Cologne deserved the title of Culture and Arts Center because of its not a few museums, exhibitions, and celebrations.



The most famous city in the field of medical tourism, and it is the capital of the state of North-Rhine and is famous for fashion as well as the large number of events and trade fairs that are held in it, and annually more than 4.5 million tourists come to the city to attend the funfair, which is the most famous entertainment fair and the most famous tourist attraction in Germany.



Dortmund, the largest city in Westphalia, is located on the eastern edge of the Ruhr River in the fertile Heilwig region. The city has long been the center of Germany's coal and steel industries, a heritage celebrated in the city's variety of excellent museums and attractions.


Thus, it is a very interesting city to explore on foot and contains a number of the most beautiful places to visit in Germany, with a number of the highest density and pedestrian-friendly squares in Germany.

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